i think what my problem is that i dont want to make my women too girly. 

like instead of something like this:

i’d rather draw like this:

i guess im just stuck on that, as well as making men and women’s faces the same size.

  1. deadskeletonarmy said: It’s all about balancing it out. I draw some chicks girly and some not. We learn and we grow and we get better and I’ve watched you progress tremendously so anons can suck my dick because you’re moving along wonderfully for a 14 year old girl.
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    i used to do that too— you should try drawing them in vastly different body shapes :] like a really curvy voluptuous...
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    I really like how you draw women; making them bulkier is very realistic, and refeshing giving the tendency to equate...
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    I do the same
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    Really, that’s not a bad thing. Art is about what looks good to you and what makes sense to you and learning to adapt...
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