Could you link me to any Gumshall fanfics? Please and thank you :)

Oh my gosh yes I’d love to! I’ll just put up my ultimate faves/current faves - this one is the crown jewel of all marball fics. It’s finished too, 13 gloriously long chapters with beautiful character and relationship development. It has adorable fluff (Not to mention it’s got two awesome smut scenes too) and is my absolute total fav fanfic for any fandom ever. - This one is nice and long too, I completely adore everything by this author and this one is just wowow. Beautifully written, it makes you feel really satisfied when you finish it. Contains one smut scene, and a whole lot of accurate character depiction. - I have no idea why, but this AU really interests me. A lot. The writing quality is great, it’s one of those fics that I don’t know, made me feel cold? But in a good way. Some really nice smut, too. I wish it was longer and more was explained about the AU, though. - This one is just totally lovely and their characters are perfect and…. then…. they……. kiss and AHHH - idk this ones got potential? It’s pretty good, a little sad, but good. - I can’t tell you enough how good I think this ones gonna get. Like, the end of the second chapter?? Wowowoowow - This writer started this, and it got up to seven chapters before she said she was going to rewrite it. So, consequently, she deleted it and only has the first chapter up now. Those chapters that I read were really great, and I really hope she doesn’t forget about it and not finish it. - Perfect. - This fic will kill me. It will. The writing is perfect, Marshall’s attitude is perfect, Gumball’s flusteredness is perfect, the oral sex scenes are perfect, AND IT STARTED UPDATING AGAIN. NAKFWKF - This one is the definition of hot. Such yummy food smut n just ahhhhhHHHH perfect. And um so those are the ones I love and you should look at and yes?? Everyone go read CHOP CHOP oh yeah and here’s the huge collection on of most of all of those I listed PLUS lots of others that range from terrible to decent to pretty good. Idk man I’ll shut up now

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